Commercial Leasing, Property & Conveyancing

Buying and selling property is a big financial decision. At Bryks Lawyers, our aim is to make all of your property matters, including the more complex ones, a stress-free experience. Our team of property and conveyancing experts provide practical and easy to understand advice across a range of property transactions.

We deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to our clients in the following areas:

Property settlements (commercial and residential)

Buying or selling a house (including contract negotiation, exchange & attending to settlements)

All other ancillary property law advice

Property development matters including project structuring, joint venture agreements, negotiating options, contracts and conditions of sale

Assigning, varying or surrendering commercial leases

Negotiating, preparing and advising on the terms of commercial leases and letters of offer

Preparing contracts of sale (commercial and residential)

Building and construction law including contract preparation and negotiation

Our holistic approach means that we do not only focus on the property transaction at hand.  We also take into account any other overarching goals or objectives you have.  We can help you consider tax issues, estate planning, asset protection and/or restrictions that may be placed on the use of the property you are acquiring.
We were engaged by a high net worth individual to act on the purchase of a property from a seller in serious financial distress. The seller was at risk of losing possession of the property to the Sheriff and wished to sell the property so that it could subsequently lease the property from the purchaser.
Within the space of 24 hours, we set up a SMSF special purpose vehicle for our client, prepared, exchanged and settled the contract for sale and documented the lease agreement between our client and the seller. By day’s end, our client had purchased a property, leased the property, and collected his first instalment of rent.
A high net worth landlord wished to sell its lucrative commercial premises and minimise any headaches that might be caused by existing and incoming tenants.
Prior to preparing the contract for sale, we negotiated and amended an incoming tenant’s lease with a view to streamline the rollover of that lease on settlement of the property. In the contract for sale, we included a host of special conditions that accounted for the five existing tenant’s first rights of refusal and option periods so that our client avoided any potential disputes with those tenants.