Finance Transactions, PPSA & PPSR

Bryks Lawyers are experienced in preparing and advising on financial and commercial securities documentation, particularly loan and equity structuring and general security agreements. We also assist clients with the discharge of securities and attending settlements.
We have extensive experience in the area of Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA) and the associated Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR).
Introduced on 30 January 2012, the PPSA has implications across commercial areas, property, intellectual property, banking and finance, and insolvency.  If your business is involved in these areas or your business hires out equipment or supplies goods to other businesses under a retention of title in its contractual documents, then PPSA may be relevant to you!
If you are not yet aware of the PPSA, you need to be because it has significant implications on your security interests taken over personal property.

Using our extensive experience, our team can:

Advise on all aspects of the PPSA and PPSR

Review all documentation and agreements to address the PPSA

Implement processes, where possible, to correct any registration that are not correctly registered or to satisfy the business' needs

Undertake audits of current PPSA registration on the PPSR to ensure they are valid and enforceable

To educate your business about the PPSA, our team can provide:

Guidance on PPSA registrations

PPSA manuals for internal use by the business to assist teams in managing and maintaining PPSA registrations

Training to teams of all sizes on the implications of PPSA and how to register security interests on the PPSR to ensure that the registrations are valid and enforceable

At Bryks Lawyers, we assist businesses of all sizes with all aspects of the PPSA and PPSR by providing holistic, practical and commercially focused advice that makes PPSA easy to understand.  This includes updating your documents to ensure that your business will have a valid registration on the PPSR.  Our services include the registration of any interests on the PPSR and updating, correcting or removing any registration, as your circumstances may require.