Corporate Secretarial Services

Undertaking a company secretarial role can be time consuming and complicated.
At Bryks we can take on the role of company secretary for your business so that you can concentrate on making money!

Using our vast wealth of experience across a wide range of public and private sector industries, we can:

Act as the Australian resident director for overseas companies that are either already setup in Australia or are looking to set up operations in Australia

Provide assistance to, or fulfill the role of a CFO, financial accountant and/or management accountant

Maintain company registers for various public and private entities in accordance with all statutory requirements including the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

Provide a registered office location for local and foreign entities

Communicate with the board of directors, shareholders and senior management so as to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and provide legal, tax and accounting advice

Attend to budget and cash flow forecasts

Undertake all kinds of changes to the company registers to public and private entities

Undertake audits of existing company registers and updated company registers, where possible

Advise on and undertake other such corporate actions such as advising on, and creating and enacting share plans and other entitlement issues

Assist with acquisitions, divestments and legal and accounting transaction due diligence

Manage and advise on all corporate governance requirements including drafting all required board papers, minutes and resolutions and ensure compliance with ASIC and ASX requirements including preparation of all minutes, resolutions and corporate governance matters, and completion and lodgment of all ASIC forms as required

By providing tax, accounting and legal advice, Bryks offers a cost-effective ‘one stop shop’ company secretarial service to its clients.  We can provide these services to you on a yearly retainer or on an ad-hoc basis as and when you may need our services.