Due Diligence: Legal & Accounting

Bryks comprises of conscientious lawyers and accountants with a keen eye for detail.
By leaving due diligence to us, you can rest assured knowing all the material facts and risks of a project before jumping in blind!
We have expertise in undertaking due diligence on a multitude of large, mid-scale and low-end commercial transactions and advising clients on due diligence.
For prospective investors and buyers
Bryks Lawyers can undertake searches across a range of government and non-government registers as well as reviewing company documents, particularly in a share sale, and existing agreements that are being assigned or novated for potential issues.  On completion of the due diligence, Bryks Lawyers will deliver you with a tailored due diligence report setting out all of the material facts and risks in relation to your specific transaction, along with our advice and recommendations.  Bryks Lawyers will then work with you to ensure that any identified issues that arise during due diligence are addressed in the transaction.
Bryks Chartered Accountants analyse a business’ financial statements, book of accounts and all ancillary financial documents to deliver comprehensive advice on the viability of a business, a business’ quality of earnings and working capital requirements.  Bryks Chartered Accountants financial due diligence services include an analysis of cash flow abilities, financial risk indicators and tax liabilities.
For prospective sellers
When acting for sellers, Bryks can set up and maintain a data room on your behalf for medium data rooms.  Data rooms help sellers stay in control and get offers from bidders using just their web browsers.
Due diligence is a must for any buyer considering purchasing a business.  It will identify what you are and are not in fact buying as part of your purchase.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss an investment opportunity that you are considering and the options available to you in structuring the potential purchase of a business.