Information Memorandum

When a decision is made to sell a business, investors expect an Information Memorandum (IM).
The team at Bryks can thoroughly and accurately assist in producing the IM by compiling the critical business information of your business.
In order to best pitch your business to new investors, investors need critical business performance information on hand so they can make an early determination on the appeal of your business.  A key tool in this initial pitch is the IM.  This vital document presents a comprehensive picture of the business, its performance and an explanation of what the potential investor is buying.
The use of an IM in any sale means that information given to prospective investors is done consistently so that all potential investors (if there are more than one) receive the same information and the seller has a record of the representations made.
Bryks Chartered Accountants can review the balance sheets and financials to put together the business’ financial information.  This allows prospective investors to have what they need in order to make their decisions.
Bryks Lawyers can provide the relevant warranties, representations as to the business and its assets and disclaimers that are appropriate for the seller.
Using our legal and accounting expertise, Bryks can assist you to prepare and review information memorandums.  Please contact us today if you are considering selling your business.